SEO Checklist | Google Ranking Factors

SEO Checklist | Google Ranking Factors

SEO requirements are changing with the present time, Due to this changing the SEO Checklist associated with Google Ranking Factors also has changed.

How Google Ranking Works (have to know before knowing SEO Checklist)

First of all, we need to know how Google works to ranks a blog or page.

Google will first visit or crawl your site with its own bot called “Spyder”.

Second, he will crawl the optimized blog or page and save it in his index as a catalog.

Third, when people search on Google, it will show the most relevant blog or page in terms of search engines out of the Innumerable sites.

On what basis Google Search Ranking works (have to know before knowing SEO Checklist)

Now you need to know on what basis Google search ranking works actually

  • What is the Purpose of the blog and page
  • What and how is the Content quality and quantity
  • What are the website information and information about the Content Creator
  • What is the website reputation and Content Creator Reputation
  • What is the User Engagement with the page or blog
  • What are the Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness

SEO Checklist or Factors for Google Ranking

Below I am discussing some of the factors by whiches you can make your site’s blog SEO friendly.

Quality Backlinks

It would be good to generate backlinks with as many good external sites as possible.

Traffic from Search Engine

It is a matter of course that the more traffic you can get from the search engine, the more the search engine will give you support in the future through ranking your site.

Social Mentions

How many people are talking about you on social sites right now? This has a lot of impact on search ranking.

Blog content Quality and Quantity

How many page posts need to be created? There is no right answer. As much as possible I can say. However, the content must be unique, relevant, and error-free.

The freshness of a content

Your content must be fresh and understandable. Otherwise, people will not comment, share, or like your post.


Each and every expert speaks on this matter differently, because the search engine has not revealed all its secrets. Writing 1000 words or more on a page or post is not good. I personally prefer 250-300 words, but using 500-600 words gives good results in SEO.

Local search integrations

If your business is based on the local community, you can increase your social presence by opening accounts on these sites. These sites expand your digital footprint and inbound linking for your site. These are, Google+ Local, Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, Yelp or YP, etc.

Affiliated tools integrations

The more priority you give to Google, the more it will return to you. Google has many tools of its own, installing them and opening an account to synchronize with them and your blog will be just SEO friendly. Tools, such as Google Images, YouTube, and analytics such and Webmaster Tools.

Increased rank, authoritative score, and likes

There are some tools through which you can know the score of a page or a blog, but Google gives you these scores monthly. These tools will give you instant score reports, SEOBook Tools.

sitemap.xml file submissions

Without it, your page or blog cannot be ranked at all.


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