Off-Page SEO | Backlinks

Off-Page SEO | Backlinks

Before learning it, we need to know about these two things, Off-Page SEO and Backlinks.

What is Off-Page SEO?

This indicates the activities away from your website by which you can rank your website in search engines. Submitting the link of your website to a good quality website online and promoting your website is the name of an Off-Page SEO.

Why is it Important?

Search engine algorithms and ranking elements are variable and changing. But off-page seo tasks don’t change much in ranking in search engines. And this off-page activity plays a much bigger role in ranking a website.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the main part of the Off-Page SEO. Google usually checks backlinks to verify the value of the content. Of the two similar content that one of them has more backlinks, Google prefers that content in terms of ranking.

Building Backlinks

Private Blog Network

Backlinks of this type are the most popular way to rank a website very quickly. This is a Black Hat Practice. Many people saying it is a Grah Hat Practice also. However, it is very expensive. If your links are building properly then, your site will be ranked within months.

Web 2.0 Backlinks

These are some websites where users will interact, they will be familiar with your content and can share, comment, and like, over which you have full control. These websites are usually absolutely free. The link building process here is very simple.

Process: First you need to register with different names and emails related to your niche. Then you have to do on-page, off-page SEO with content in the same way you create and publish a website.

The biggest advantage of the Web 2.0 backlinks is that the domain authority of these sites is very high usually.

Web 2.0 Backlinks Sites

Document Sharing Backlinks

In this process, you can share your documents like Docs, PDFs, PPTs, etc on different websites. Document sharing is a very simple backlink building process.

Process: You need to create some niche related documents. Now you have to upload it on the document sharing site, describe it in the description, and give the link of your website in it.

Never copy someone’s content and publish it on your website. This may cause penalized by the search engine on your website.

Guest Posting Backlinks

There are many sites, that post good quality writer’s posts. These sites have an option called “Write For Us”. Generally, you will not be able to submit your writing on these sites if you want as usual. There are some publishing rules. You have to follow the rules.

Process: You must write good quality content or blog first. About what you write, you have to be good at that. The post must be eligible for likes, shares, and comments. The post should include your name and a link to your website.

Links to irrelevant pages cannot be retrieved. Relevant Anchor Text must be used when taking the link. Multiple links cannot be taken from one site.

Questions Answers Site Backlinks

Currently, Quora is the largest and best Questions Answers website in the world. Here you can target the audience by your choice and ask questions and get answers as well as communicate with them through comments. Quora has many Advanced Features. Content can be posted and published here. Like all social networks, you can create conversation to everyone through messaging.

Specific Questions can be searched here based on your content topic. If anyone likes the answer, they can vote on it. Marketing activities also can be done here.

There are many more sites besides Quora.

Forum Posting Backlinks

Forum Posting Backlinks are to discuss your topics in the forum and put your links there. Forum posting is a strategy of off-page SEO. This helps to increase the ranking of your website.

The main purpose of the forum is to present quality information and content, quality information and content will help you get quality backlinks. The content or information you provide should be relevant and informative to the topic being discussed. You may be banned from all of these forums if the content link you provided does not contain relevant content, information, or topics. No one should be allowed to spam, and this is very good practice and strict practice with their privacy policy and more. And for this, the link should be posted in the middle or end of the general discussion, without posting the link directly it can ban your account.

Broken Links Backlinks

The links that appear to be useless in the external links of a site are called broken links or dead links. This link is more important than other links. All the sites related to your niche will be located on the search engine first page, these sites you should select for linking. All these sites are constantly visited by thousands of visitors.

Infographics Submission Backlinks

Infographic submission is the presentation of various information of your site to the visitors through images. The info means information and graphic means painting or chart. If an infographic is eye-catching, it can easily spread on social media and get a lot of visitors. Currently, such backlinks are gaining popularity.

Social Bookmarking Backlinks

You need to work on quality social bookmarking sites. Nowadays social bookmarking is a popular medium to get backlinks to your site. There are many social bookmarking sites that are spam. In this case, you have to work carefully.

Guest Post is currently one of the most popular social media in the world. The reason for the popularity of Reddit is that it can easily bring a lot of traffic to the site by bookmarking from here. If you want to do Reddit marketing, you have to have a good idea about some of the issues of Reddit.

Video-Sharing Backlinks

Many people do not like to read any big article. Video is a great way to bring such audiences to your website. Sharing videos will not only get you backlinks but also promote your brand in a very good way. It’s easy to share videos on social media. By optimizing the video and posting it, it is likely to be at the top of the Google video search page.

Comment Links Backlinks

Most blogs nowadays have no-follow links, but you can still get some visitors from here. You can get backlinks for your site by commenting on other quality blog articles that match your site content.


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