Link Building | High-Quality Backlinks

Link Building | High-Quality Backlinks

Bloggers struggle a lot for high-quality backlinks or link building. Those who have written articles on various topics on their website. They are working on Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. We all know that if you do high-quality backlinks or link building, the site will move to Google ranking very fast. But in the case of this high-quality link building, most sites owner and bloggers fail. This is why after a while they became frustrated for not getting the expected results and then moved away from the blogging career.

If you want to build high-quality backlinks, for your website, to quickly bring your content to Google rankings, today’s lesson is going to help you a lot.

Today I will tell you Six Strategies of Link Building

Applying these strategies to link building can lead to a positive change in your site’s ranking.

Guest Blogging Link Building

Guest Blogging is an evergreen strategy for link building. Let me explain this in detail. Simply, You will go to other people’s sites and write. Let’s say each of the 5 people has their own website, and they blog on their specific topic. You are one of those 5 people, you are writing on your own topic just like them. You will go to other sites and write on their behalf on such specific topics. You will publish your writing on one and a half sites of other sites.

Here are the remaining 4 people who, by visiting their site, you will write and publish on relevant topics that will be a benefit to their visitors. For this, you have to contact those 4 sites and a half. Each website has an email address in the contact form for this contact. You will let them know via email that you want to contribute to writing content on their site. Also, you want to share your skills with everyone, you want to share your writing with the visitors of that site. When you are sharing your article on the other sites, you will have the opportunity of building a link in the author bio section.

Most of the site’s owner offers link building opportunities to guest bloggers. The author’s bio will include your name, website, what you are working on, etc. This way you can build as many High-Quality Backlinks or Link Buildings as you like. This is what a webmaster or site owner is writing on another site, this is guest blogging.

Profile Link Building

What is Profile Backlink? Let me say that first. There are thousands of websites online where you can register with your name. You can add all your information by going to the profile of that account, as you can add your name, email, website, occupation, etc every detail about you and your doing. Example, Facebook.

You can add a lot of your information to a Facebook page. Here you can link to your website, what the website is about when it was launched, you can add anything nicely here. If you want, you can visit my Facebook page, where I have given the link of the website. Another example is YouTube. Here you can add your website link in about section. You can also add your Facebook profile link in the same section. You can search in google for more sites by typing the “profile link building site list”.

Popular Profile Link Building Sites:

In the case of link building, be careful not to create accounts on hundreds of sites in public. Create accounts on sites related to your topic. Too much of this backlink can create penalties for being an irrelevant topic. So keep this in mind when it comes to link building.

Publish free content or Gift

Now the topic I will talk about is much more effective for Link Building. If you know any work, such as logo design, any work of graphics, coding, etc, any kind of digital product, or some product that you can make with someone else. and you can add for download them free on your website. These items are arranged so that your visitors can download them from your site.

Note here, whether your topic related items have been uploaded or added to your site. You can also get many free gifts or free digital product ideas from Google. If you want, you can hire someone from a freelance site to make a free digital product. This will get you a lot of visitors, and thus create high-quality backlinks, Your visitor and friend will be able to introduce your digital product through Facebook group forever.

So you create something related to your topic that can benefit your visitors.

Give then Do-Follow Backlink

Now let’s talk about the strategy that I’ve worked on myself and benefited a lot. No need to let them know, no need to contact them, just give them do follow backlinks. Give them advanced backlinks to your content. WordPress website has an internal feature called pingback. You will receive a notification if your website belongs to WordPress and if someone gives you backlinks from their WordPress website. this creates a great opportunity. And that is, when they publish new content, they give you backlinks. It is actually very important and effective.

We don’t often think of these things as selfish. But if you do this with and win in mind, you will see much better success. Not many people think like this, but if you can apply these things to your site, you will get much better results. You will benefit everyone in your community will benefit from you.

Many people just think of competition in such a way that if I do that, someone else will grow. It’s really wrong to think that way. Because you will grow with your creativity, another will grow with his creativity. We can’t duplicate anyone even if we want to, and there’s no point in duplicating. We are all unique, our work is unique. Impossible to copy or duplicate. So be sure to apply this strategy to your website, with backlinks for others on your site. They give you backlinks and not directions. You find out which sites related to your topic area in Google, you give them backlinks. Who is blogging, and is at the top.

Giving Testimonials

When you are working online, you may need to buy a variety of products such as software, tools, etc for your website. Give testimonials to those from whom you have purchased or are using those products. Every company likes it to get testimonials from their customers. Give a positive review of the product you bought or will buy.

Testimonial means reviews or compliments. Tell them as a user how this tool has helped you. When you submit a testimonial, the company will publish your testimonial on its website with a link of your website. If you go to different websites, you will see that their site has customer’s testimonials, reviews, if you notice, you will see that there are links to the website. It is a great way to build a high-quality backlink. Testimonial backlinks are very useful in Google rankings.

Resource Post

Publish a long list of resources. Everyone needs a variety of resources. If you want to work with design, you will need a lot of resources related to design. Thus, if you want to log in, you will need many types of resources. As such this post is a resourceful post. Here I am giving you some tips.

To better understand, share the resources or tools that you have used yourself, and the resources that your visitors may need. Such lists are often shared online. Suppose you go to Google search and find something, you share that link with your friend, which is full of many long list resources. There are so many things to do, create high-quality backlinks, get social signals again. For example, I can say, tutorial post, tips and trick post, etc.

All in all, the more you write, the more traffic will come to your site, the more your creativity will increase.

Hopefully, this post will help you in your blogging career if you are very limited, and let me know what you think. I welcome any kind of positive or negative comments.

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